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Rejection is a bitter pill. When it’s served with humiliation, it’s impossible to swallow.

Twelve years ago, Adam Tate broke Phoebe McAllister’s heart, and she fled Swan Falls, vowing never to return. When the death of her parents brings her back, Phoebe must confront the past and its damaging secrets.

Swan Falls isn’t home, something her brother Damien loves pointing out. He just wants Phoebe out of town. Now. But she’s not leaving until their parents’ house is packed up and sold. Then she’ll gladly head back to Melbourne, where other problems wait.

Maybe Adam can help? He is Damien’s best friend, and they all used to climb trees together. But is Phoebe ready to risk her heart again? Will she find what she’s been seeking or will digging into the past unlock more pain?

We Used to Climb Trees is an endearing story of enduring love, reunited relationships and second chances at happiness.

Is a heart wrapped in regret, a heart barely beating?

‘...Remember when we used to climb trees?’ The words catch in my throat. I haven’t climbed a tree in forever.

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